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electronic assessment & accreditation  is a company that focuses on maintaining a set of products that apply standards in completing assessment and accreditation for educational institutions. This is combined with a professional consultation session that reviews current practices from our company’s representatives. The quality consultation along with the eaa product is based on individuals with over 20 years of experience in the industry with critical relationships in major accreditation agencies nationally and internationally.

Enhance performance and decision-making processes of academic, government and business organizations.

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  • “We had a great workshop with useful and insightful information. We were delighted to see all the new features added to myRubrics such as surveys and student portfolios.” Effat University / Provost

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Our experience and developed relationships with many of the top well-known national universities allows us to effectively provide the best terms for your assessment and accreditation needs. Assessment is a set of tasks that are complex and can be difficult to conduct. It is vital to the success of the university that the facilitator has the knowledge and understanding of the accreditation and assessment process and how it is intertwined with the accreditation agency, university administration, faculty, students and the industry.